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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tune Hotels Insurance

Just for our precaution incase anything happen during our trip kan. Usually kalau by Air or stay kat Tune Hotel, memang team saya ambil insurance. Bak pepatah mengatakan "Sediakan payung sebelum hujan" dan kita tak dapat meramalkan apa yg akan berlaku pada keesokkan. Dan saya akui, ramai orang nakkan penjimatan dan tidak ambil berat pasal nie...kannnn! :P

Just sharing, Semalam saya dapat call from one of the Insurance Agent mengatakan saya has selected as one of the lucky person who're getting free insurance coverage for 30 days kerana pernah stay dkt one of the Tune Hotel. Tak per, just wait for the policies to received. ^_^
Top of tht, siap ada marketing strategies to promote insurance. Sorry to say, i'm not interested to buy any Insurance product whereby not compliance with Islamic Scheme. Hurmss..ada ker erk? ngeh2..Setahu saya, Insurance with Takaful ada ler...

Sumber : Citing dkt sini.


1) What is Tune Hotels Insurance?

Tune Hotels InsureInsurance is a form of personal accident coverage specifically for the guests of Tune Hotels. For as little as RM5, guests will receive coverage for many unexpected occurrences during their trip which may cause additional expenses (View coverage here) The travel protection plan is put in place by Tune Hotels in collaboration with Tune Money. The product, which is offered exclusively to Tune Hotels' guests, is underwritten by Multi Purpose Insurance Berhad (MPIB).

2) What do I get for RM 5.00?

Benefits Sum Insured

  •  Accidental Death & Permanent Disablement RM50,000.00
  •  Medical Expenses
•subject to an excess of RM50.00 per claim
Up to RM500.00

  •  Emergency Medical Evacuation
expenses incurred for an emergency medical transport to the nearest medical facility that is adequately equipped to treat the Insured Person's medical condition
Up to RM1,000.00

  •  Hospital Allowance •hospitalised for more than 12 hours for treatment up to maximum 30 days
Up to RM50.00 per day

  • Curtailment Expenses
•reimbursement of hotel room charges due to :-
a.being called for jury services
b.your home being uninhabitable due to fire, storm or flood,
c.cancellation due to hijack,
d.return home due early due to death of a immediate family member,
e.serious injury or serious illness of a immediate family members.
Up to RM2,000.00

  •  Loss of Travel Document, Personal Luggage and Personal Effects subject to an excess of RM50.00 per claim Up to RM300.00

  •  Delay Check-in
(excluding overbook of room or extension of hours allowed by the hotel) Up to RM250.00

(RM50 per hour delay)

  •  24 hours Travel Assistance included

3) What is hospital allowance?

If you are admitted to a hospital during your stay at Tune Hotels at the recommendation of a licensed doctor, we will pay you a benefit of up to RM50 (or equivalent in the local currency of the hotel) a day for each complete day you spend at the hospital as an inpatient for up to a specified number of days.

4) Loss of travel document

In the event of robbery, burglary, theft or even natural disaster resulting in the lost of travel documents, we will reimburse for the loss of your travel documents as long as you report the loss within twenty-four hours of the incident obtain a written statement from the police to substantiate your claim. For exact details of the benefits, kindly refer to the schedule of benefits available under the Product Description/ Benefits.

5) Who is covered under this policy?

Only Tune Hotels’ guest whose name is registered or being registered during the booking process is covered under this policy. This guest must also stay at Tune Hotels.

6) Can I subscribe the Tune Hotels Insurance for my accompanying guest?

NO. Tune Hotels Insurance only covers the Tune Hotels guest who registered during the booking process.

7) How do I purchase a Tune Hotels Insurance?

You can do so during the room booking process while you make your booking at www.tunehotels.com

8) Who can subscribe Tune Hotels Insurance?

Any Tune Hotels' guest can subscribe to it. However, it depends on the Tune Hotels in which you are booking your stay with, as availability of Tune Hotels Insurance differs from hotel to hotel.

9) Does Tune Hotels Insurance have an age limit?

Yes, you must be below 75 years of age at the time of check-in to qualify

10) When does my Tune Hotels Insurance coverage begin and end?

Your coverage begins upon check-in to the hotel and ends at the official check out time of the hotel (whichever is earlier) on your scheduled check-out date.

11) How long does the Tune Hotels Insurance cover me?

Your coverage is valid for as long as your stay at Tune Hotels. However, since there is a maximum coverage period of 10 days, if you are staying for more than 10 days, you are required to subscribe for it, again.

12) What if I have an accident during my stay at Tune Hotels?

Call Tune Hotels Insurance 24 hours Travel Assistance Hotline at 603-7841 5777 / 603-7628 3777. Have your hotel booking number on hand for verification. Please keep all your original receipts to submit with your claims.

13) Can I cancel my Tune Hotels Insurance?


14) Is the Tune Hotels Insurance premium refundable?


15) Can I amend my Tune Hotels Insurance coverage period?

No. You will need to subscribe for it again when making a new booking or extending your stay.

Please note that:-

•Should you decide to check out early, the policy will automatically cease upon check out.

•Should you decide to extend your stay, and the total number of stay is more than 10 days you will need to subscribe Tune Hotels Insurance again.

16) What information must I give when calling the 24 hours Travel Assistance Helpline?

You will need to provide your Tune Hotels Booking Confirmation Number and name of person who needs assistance.

17) How can I confirm that my Tune Hotels Insurance is valid and has taken effect?

The Tune Hotels Insurance will appear on your booking confirmation sheet and is only valid once you have paid the contribution.

18) Where can I get the full terms and condition of the Tune Hotels Insurance?

The Full Terms and Conditions of your Tune Hotels Insurance is available in our Policy Wordings Section.

19) How do I make a claim?

You need to submit a claim to the underwriter company – Multi Purpose Insurance Berhad (MPIB). A copy of the Notice of Claim can be downloaded here. Kindly complete the form and fax it to 603-2694 5759 & mail it to the following address within thirty (30) days of incident.

8th Floor, Menara Multi-Purpose,
Capital square,
No. 8, Jalan Munshi Abdullah
50100 Kuala Lumpur,

MPIB general line: 603-2034 9888

20) How long before I get my money?

14 days upon Multi Purpose Insurance Berhad (MPIB) receiving complete submission of documents required.

21) What if I disagree with the compensation amount?

If you wish to appeal, procedures are spelled out in leaflet that is sent out together with MPIB’s repudiation letter.

# Bulan 2 nie stay Tune Hotel lagi...:P


Nad @ MamaZN said...

Saya ngaku, saya tak amik..
Kene add on la pasni
Kak g, nk g mane?


mm... kalau mg dah ada personal insuran perluke insuran2 macm nie ek?

Gieyana said...


Hihi..Kak G selalunya amik..:)
Oh..ke over the sea kita..:)

Gieyana said...


Hihi..depend to individu kan..:)

siti fatimah said...

selalu sangat aku received call cam tu. dari maxis la, dari cimb la...

masa time nak claim baru rasa mcm mana azabnya.

Daddy Ziyyad said...

Salam perkenalan :)

Hmmmmm..betul juga..Insurance yang kita ambil bila naik kapalterbang/hotel Tune ni, memang tak syariah compliance...sebab ianya konvensional..Saya tak pasti lagi ada ke tidak takaful yang offer such insurance..

apa apa pun, mungkin ianya masuk dalam kategori darurat, kalau mmg tiada takaful yg provide...Hmmm..saya akan cuba tanya isu ni dengan Dr Zaharuddin ( UZAR)...:)

Si Matatajam said...

M baru tau la...penting ka?

Zura Iwan said...

aku penah recevied call cm ni gak..hehe..

ALoNa CintamaniszLite said...

Akak mmg tak pandai betoi bab2 insurans ni...